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Course Outline for Basic or Advanced Training in Explosive Power Energy

Preparation for Wu Zu / 5 Elements Palm / Luohan (Arahat) Ru-yi

1 Warming Up Session - stretching and pulling exercises (Optional!) o Warming Up Session - stretching and pulling exercises (Optional!) o Luohan Arms / Trunks/ Legs loosening exercises o Arms swings/shoulders rotations o Trunks – forward bends o Legs – squatting sit-ups basic "Luohan chi/ki" training 2 Formal Training o Wu Zu (Five Ancestors) Hands/Arms power training for defense/attack o Tun toe (Wu Zu Sanzhan)– ‘Swallow/throw out/float/sink’ and its application (Energy Development exercises and its applications) o Bow and arrow techniques for flexibility on life-force training (preparation for "Explosive" energy) o Tun-toe pushing hands  - Power Energy Training n its applications              2A) Twenty punches – (Wu Zu Ershí Chuan)   Punching techniques for attack and defense in forward/retracting movements o 20 punches and push hands - 8 forms Power Training Techniques and its applications o Various techniques of parrying/blocking. o Warrior riding-horse forward stance (lunges) - tendon/ligament, leg/thighs strengthening. o Sit-ups - 3 KICKS kicking techniques – front/back/side              2B) Parry/Slash – hands/arms (Wu Zu Til-chet) Palms/Hands techniques in blocking, chopping and slashing! “Heavy hands” training o Forward push-hands power training techniques o Stimulation of the spinal column ('salute to the sky' - stretching of the spinal column - waist backwards technique to forward bends) 2C) Chin-na (Qin-na) - Ki training! Seize and hold, locks & throws, including rolls and break-falls   3) Mind Over Matter Training Of The Hands/Legs Mind preparation - only for more serious trainees   4) Mind Control - Mind with matter energy application Long Arm Pushing 5) Closing Meditative contemplation - breathing exercises

Life Force Dynamics

White Crane Wu Zu / Lohan Ru Yi

Principal Instructor : Tim Chan See Meng

Caution: Please consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise               regime.