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Sifu guiding me through the San Chien kata in front of the students. That was taken when I was only a yound lad.
Forty years on after I became his disciple, Sifu was still as strong as before. In this video clip, Sifu was explaining the finer points of the twenty puches kata.
This video was taken during the 3rd Chinese Tai Ji Quan Masters’ Seminar & the First International Tai Ji Masters’ Forum held at Nanjing, Ma’an Shan, Anhui, China in May 2006. I was invited to do a kata demonstration.
Precious moments, a kata demonstration by my Sifu and done with great finesse.
YOUTUBE, Published on Mar 5, 2015 The 5 Show featured our SG50: Journey of Martial Apprenticeship project. They provided an overview of the project and insights from our 4 veteran masters. Master Chan See Meng was invited to appear live on air with hosts, Chua En Lai and Yasminne Cheng