This form of Chinese martial art is also known as Wu Zhu Quan, Ngor Chor Kun, Wu Chu Chuan and others. The spelling depends on the dialect used in the translation. These names are used interchangeably in my website. That aside, it is encouraging and  comforting to see from various online forums a growing interest in Ngor Chor Kun over the years. Ngor Chor Kun as taught by my Sifu, Master Chee Kim Thong ( 徐金棟), started in the fifties in a relatively unknown mining village in Malaysia. Master Chee was only too happy to lead an incognito and bucolic lifestyle. But fate would not have it as it didn’t take long before his healing and martial art prowess caught the attention of his fellow countrymen. The art has since then come a long way before it caught the attention of martial art enthusiasts all over the world. Sifu’s style of Ngor Chor personifies the crane characteristics - the movements seemingly soft from the outside but what lies within is a much alive latent energy that generates spring like explosive power. It is the art passed down by grandmaster Lim Yen (林賢大師) to master Chee and then to me. This website is a tribute to my Sifu for his love and dedication to the art. Apart from sharing my personal experience and ‘master & disciple’ relationship with Sifu, I have also included articles on Ngor Chor, general health and martial arts in general. However, the focus will be on White Crane Ngor Chor though Sifu is also adept in other martial arts eg. Wuji Quan, Lohan Ru Yi Quan, Wu Xing Zhang etc. No one can claim total knowledge of the art. So the least we could do is to establish a forum for open and honest sharing, all in the spirit of Ngor Chor brotherhood. Master Chee has transformed the lives of many people – especially those who sought his medical expertise, guidance and martial art instruction. To all who have learnt and benefited from Master Chee, directly or indirectly, I strongly feel we owe it to our Sifu to propagate the art in whatever positive way (collectively or otherwise) we can so that the essence of the art is not lost. Last but not least, I hope you find this website informative and beneficial in your personal pursuit of the art. The one who knows the true essence of martial art is the one who realised there is still much to learn from it.
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